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Joust 0.2 Alpha Released

This is Joust's first binary release. This release fixes issues with the find panel as well as other minor bugs.

Framwork Update

The required framework for building Joust is GSPreferences.framework. This can be found as a CVS module by the same name as part of my Juice weblogger project. Instructions for downloading can be found at . Just replace juice2 modulename with GSPreferences. If you have any problems just send me an email.

Framework missing.

Stupid me. I forgot to include the source for the required GSPreferences framework in the source of Joust. I will get right on fixing that problem. Look for an update in a day or two.

Project Web Page is Online

I have just finished the first page of the project web page, I will add more sections in the coming week. I hope you like my layout.

Joust 0.1 Alpha Source Released

I have released the first look at Joust. I released only the alpha source of the projects so that I could get some feedback on how it looks. Please email me with any bugs or comments.